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We call Michigan home, and we know how to protect its lawns.

Lush Lawn is proud to serve thousands of homeowners, commercial and public properties.

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Lush Lawn

  • 5 out of 5 stars
    James S
    We used Lush Lawn the last several years (moved 6 months ago) with great success, With the change of ownership we noticed two chances: 1) weed control appeared less efficient and 2) we began getting numerous call and messages about lawn problem we had no experienced previously; of cource, all at added costs. That said, Lush Lawn was still superior to anyone we used in 53 years of home ownership.


  • 5 out of 5 stars
    Jeff K
    I love that you do exactly the program I requested without up-selling. I also liked the contraption that puts down liquid herbicide and granular fertilizer at the same time. Best of both worlds. Lawn looks great.


  • 5 out of 5 stars
    Dave N


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Fido Leaving His Mark

If you are starting to notice what may appear to be a burn on your lawn and you have dogs, there is a good chance that their urine could be the culprit.  To make sure that what you are seeing is actually due to urine and not some type of lawn disease, you can easily […]

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Soil Testing

Soil testing is important to the care of your lawn because it indicates the pH balance of your soil. Understanding your soil pH balance will ensure that you have the proper nutrient levels in your soil in order for your lawn and plants to thrive. Plants have a pH range that they do better in […]

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Proper Lawn Mowing Tips

Proper lawn mowing encourages your grass to grow and sustain its health throughout the season. The recommending height to mow your grass is 3-4 inches. Taller grass tend to have deeper roots and can access water more easily, as well as taller grass can shade the soil, protecting it from the sun and heat, reducing […]

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