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Lawn Care

Lawn Care



Is your lawn in need of fertilization? Is it overrun with weeds? Are there problems you simply don’t have the answers for?

That’s okay. Because here at Lush Lawn, we have developed an incredibly effective lawn care program, administered by knowledgeable lawn care professionals, and supported by a great staff who want to make sure that we leave you with a smile on your face!

Not every lawn is in the same. They have different grass types, soil conditions, and terrain that can effect how well the grass will grow. Your lawn care needs may be different than your neighbors lawn care needs. That’s why, in addition to our outstanding lawn care program, we also offer services to tackle even the toughest cultural lawn care problems. Sometimes a lawn may require an aeration to break up compacted soil, or an insect may begin eating away at your beautiful lawn. No worries. We have solutions to solve the most difficult problems!




Lush Lawn‘s Lawn Care Program uses all dry-granular fertilizers. Your lawn will always have the proper balance of nutrients feeding your root system. You can rest easy knowing that we’re keeping your lawn healthy. More ☞

Weed Control


You hate weeds… and so do we. Every application of fertilizer includes a blanket weed control to eliminate dandelions, clover… the list goes on. Lush Lawn chokes out weeds: the right way! More ☞



For those with concerns about synthetic fertilizers, our Organic Lawn Care Program contains NO manures or man-made fertilizers. The treatments are OMRI certified with great results. More ☞

Soil Treatment


Having a proper soil structure and PH balance is important to growing healthy grass. Our soil treatment program will insure that your lawn has the right foundation for healthy growth! More ☞

Grub Control


White grubs are the number one killer of turf grass in Michigan. We offer a grub preventative application to avoid future damage and a grub killer to eliminate actively feeding grubs in your lawn. More ☞



Aside from proper fertilizing, core aeration is the most beneficial cultural practice one can do for the lawn. Aeration pulls plugs of soil from the turf, allowing water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. More ☞



With harsh summers in Michigan, over-seeding the lawn in the fall is a great way to introduce new cultivars to the soil and increase microbial action promoting new growth. More ☞



Do you have large bare areas making your lawn unsightly? With our Slit Seeding applications we can seed even the largest bare areas or even install a lawn from scratch. More ☞



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